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(Job 8:7)  Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.

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In my dreams I used to be chased before the enemy and wake up crying out in fear, "God save me!" was what I could think.  Now however I chase the devil and his angels.  I conquer evil through the power of Christ because as the God's Word states:  (Philippians 4:13)  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.  Now I stand in Christ strength:  Click here and you can hear about standing strong.  
God has been with me all my life even during the years I was not with GOD.  God was with me in the hardest of times and while I was in the deepest darkest sins.  
I want to encourage everyone in their Christian walk whether you are new to Christ or been with Jesus for a long time.  Let me tell you this much, accepting Jesus is the most important decision you will ever have to make.  God bless you...

Dale Lee Gordon
Redding CA, 96003

LATEST UPDATES:  The Miracle Bible

Today was an interesting day.  I wanted a Geneva Bible in the worst way.  I wanted the truth and sometimes we have to dig as it were gold in order to find it.  I did not have the money.  I looked at my movies “David” and “Flywheel,” but could not bear to return them to the store.  I needed something, some way of getting this Geneva Bible.  I did research on King James and found King James did not turn out to be the person I had imagined.  I thought to myself, if I really want the truth, I really have to seek and find it.  I was planning on going to camp meeting and I wanted an extra special Bible.  Everyone seeks some easy route but I knew GOD’s way not to be the easy way.  I wanted the old English in the old version.  I ordered the Bible out of faith and the Visa went through even with no money.  I knew the only way to receive this miracle was to tell the truth about it.  I called several people and let them know GOD provided where there was none.  I was so proud and happy, and then I got a phone call.  It was bad news!  Satan took this beloved Bible away from me.  He stole my joy once again, but that was not the end.  My mom called just for a short visit, but when she left she gave me $20.00 which was just five dollars more than what I needed to buy the Geneva Bible.  
This wasn’t a case of gold dust falling from the church.  It wasn’t some miraculous healing.  Money didn’t just place itself on a Visa, however the LORD Jesus Christ still provided where there was none.  GOD provides in hard times as well as good. Trust in GOD and you won’t go wrong.  AMEN…

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Older News
News:  October 4th 2010

Life has its ups and downs.  Tonight was an up.  I realized I was typing with my left pinky again and that I am regaining sensation with that finger.  I had lost all feeling in that finger and while the VA was going to do an operation on the finger I had faith that GOD would heal the finger and true to GOD's Word He is healing my finger.  
Dale Lee Gordon


Satan tried unsucessfully to take my mother's life.  However the hand of GOD was stronger and GOD spared my mother's life and added years to her life.  God healed her when times seemed impossible and all hope was gone.  Some trust in medications, others doctors or some special pill, I trust in the name of the LORD GOD Almighty.  AMEN!!!

News 2011:  Not much has changed in life.  I look forward to a new love.  Please pray for me and especially for my finances since a wicked pastor stole all my money in 2007-2008 when I was seriously ill.

Latest News February 21, 2011

I had been falling away from the LORD for quite some time.  I was burned out on reading the Bible that and hurt because I felt God was ignoring me and not answering my prayers.  I began to sleep in in the morning and go to bed early spending much time lying around doing nothing.  I quickly feel into a deep state of depression when I realized Jesus will not come right away to remove me from this world.  I woke up one morning and I wrote the following poem and realized I have to work at something to stay happy.  So GOD answered my prayer sometime mid 2010 where I asked the LORD to renew my joy for reading the Bible.  Truly GOD has restored my love for reading His Word.  I know I will have to wait for GOD's Son to take us all to heaven but I can live with that.  In addition to that I am regaining my energy that was spent working for GOD all the years past.  2010 was a hard year.  I spent much time in and out of hospitals and much of the year sick.  I know I will remain poor in 2011 but I am looking forward to better years.  AMEN
I am alive because Christ saved me a sinner set free.  amen...

I first saw this video below when in jail back in 2000.  When I watched it one day a light above flashed several times.  While I never recieved a pardon I believe the true pardon awaits in the future.  Lately I have suffered many things, but I believe help from Jesus is on its way.  God has promised to restore me of all the enemy stole from me.  
The below video I just like, but the videos that follow are no good.  Sadly I can't control that.  
This file is about the King James 1611 Bible and the Geneva Bible.  I have to correct myself.  The Geneva is the 5th in line and the KJV 1611 the 7th.
More stuff to research:  Our government is up to some very wicked and cruel stuff like FEMA prison camps, mass coffins, HAARP Weapon, the execution of Stanley Meyers concerning his water powered car and more.  These are some more areas to research.  I did not include links as I am running out of space, but you can look at them on YouTube on your own...  I figure I already did enough damage, now once my sites get out there undoubtedly I will be in trouble but that is what the LORD prophesied. amen
Here is a site you can get very high quality King James Bibles from directly.  The price is very reasonable.  http://www.localchurchbiblepublishers.com/
Subject:  Check out Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in US to be Used for  Political Prisoners.

Well, it doesn't seem funny any more.  It looks like Obama and his backers are going to go for it, and as soon as they can arrange for a big enough crisis to declare martial law.  Please check this out, reflect on it, and pass it on.
I found this interesting and thought you would too: 

In the below file I was very angry at God.  
Please don't be angry at me for my honesty and the way I show my feelings.
Below is some more information pertaining to thee King James AV Bible.  It is the correct Bible though I still believe in the Bibles that predate the King James.  While I cannot do a study as this man has done in the King James I have found a lot of truth in other older Bibles like the Geneva Bible of 1560 and 1587.  God has preserved other ancient Bibles for a good reason.  Modern Bibles are the work of Satan.  I do agree that the KJV is the most perfect Bible of all.  This Bible was written with great wisdom and by learned God fearing men.  

I do not believe that we should have long drawn out elections where the winner is the best organizer with the top dollars to get him or her in.  If there ever is a her and I mean Clinton I think we are all in big trouble.  We are in big trouble anyhow.  All of our rights as citizens of the United States of America are under attack.  I write these websites with the fear of the Almighty GOD in me knowing that I will face the harsher judgement unless I speak the truth.  I decided to put all the You Tubes on one site that will contain all the truth about the horrible state this country has fallen into.  I pronounce the truth here.  At first I tried freeware sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn; both of which I have abandoned.  Even other sites too I try to proclaim the truth but found my words to be taken down or found incompliant.  Here at Bible Heaven and the linked sites I can say all I wish and until my freedom of speach is taken away my words will remain strong and true.  amen...


I regret to say I have not studied from Ezekiel as much as I could.  I know it talks a lot about the watchman and sounding the trumpet when it should be sounded.  I try my hardest to blow a  trumpet at Bible Heaven.  When 911 first happened it really took the wind out of our sails for the USA.  I recall a cell mate in Vacaville State Prison that tried to show me his books he had sent to him.  They were books about 911 and they spoke of a need for a "new Pearl Harbor."  The books showed the Pentagon and pictures of what happened there.  I could not handle the books because I could take no more depression.  I was totally overwhelmed with my own personal battles with the devil.  I knew that he was trying to tell me the truth but I could not handle it.  To even think that our leaders could do such a thing and get away with such a huge crime made me sick.  I looked at some of the You Tubes below and I just could not believe it.  How could the entire world believe this huge what I believe to be a cover up?  No wonder the world hates the USA so much.  I am just so glad I never had to go into combat as a US Marine though I came close.    

Really people can't be this stupid right!?
On a Christian web site that is about Jesus nothing should be about the person doing the web site.  I am a wicked sinner not worthy to be mentioned.  It is Jesus that gets all the glory and nothing of our own doing.  I am a humble and meek servant and I give all glory to LORD Jesus Christ, amen...